Friday, October 17, 2014


Cider Ho!

The baby is now 10 almost 11.  About 2 years ago I gave up gluten and went Paleo to make my tummy and body feel better.

Today is my third or fourth try at hard cider.

760 oz Langers 100% apple cider
5tsp diammonium phosphate
2 tsp Lalvin 71B-1122

I am told this yeast will help create a fruity cider.  My past attempts have been pretty dry which I do like but something different sounds fun.  The phosphate will help the yeast/process do its thing better.

Airlock using Veracity vodka (about all it is good for).

Hanging out on the kitchen counter, over the dishwasher.  Here we go!


Monday, March 21, 2005


The Gang Agrees

Either they just want free hooch of the bee variety or they truly do like it, the camping gang was here today for some visiting. All tried a bit of the Ambition Amber and declared me to be the official camping gang brewer! I'll take that compliment. I doubt I could or would want to brew as much beer as they can drink though. Might get a tad bit spendy for this thirsty crowd.

How Much Alcohol is in One of These Things?

Andy, Jenny and I all had our own bottle of Ambition Amber last night. Andy says the one bottle made him feel a bit hung over this morning. He is a light weight. Jenny says she thinks it packs quite a punch too. She is less of a light weight. :-) I completely enjoyed my own brew. I am looking forward to the next batch with eager anticipation.

Friday, March 11, 2005



I cracked open the first bottle of the Ambition Amber 2005-1. It made a satisfying fizzzt sound. It tastes round, chocolatey, and yummy.

My dad and Mimi were here for the unbottling. Despite being the Lenten season they both had a small taste. Both say it is wonderful. Dad is hoping he can truly enjoy some the next time he comes for a visit. I hope so too.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Secondary Fermentor Day 2005-2

Today I woke early. I snuck out of bed leaving my three young cherubs to continue sleeping. Andy is out of town so the only time to get anything done without *helpers* is in the early hours of the day.

It seemed to take forever for the fermenting to slow to 1 blurp every minute. I watched every day for the past two weeks. I don't remember looking in the past three days while getting ready for the parents to come for a visit. Last night I just realized it wasn't blurping as fast. I hope I didn't wait too long. It can't be over 2-3 days since the fermenting slowed down significantly.

Batch 2005-2 the Belgian Clouds Wit beer is racked in the secondary fermentor. It went quite smoothly. I am amazed and pleased. I worried I would have a hard time with out Andy's assistance or a hard time with the cherub's assitance. Neither was the case today.

Secondary 3/9/05, SG 1.021, 5.2˚Plato, 2.9% Alcohol Potential, 72˚F, Glass Carboy
Taste Notes: Citrus-y, smooth, light, sweet

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